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Our four and a half hour Molokini Snorkel adventure begins at 7:45 AM (7:15 check in)late enough to sleep in, but early enough to get back before trade winds pick up in the afternoon. Our meeting location is the Kihei Boat Ramp. Only 5 minutes away from most Wailea Resorts and within walking distance to many Kihei rentals. This prime location allows shorter transit times out to Molokini and when traveling to the South Maui Coastlineless driving, more snorkeling. Before departing, our crew prepares your sanitized snorkel gear and wet suit tops ensuring proper fit and comfort. On the 20 minute ride out to Molokini, we brief you about it being a marine preserve and bird sanctuary, give a short snorkel 101, and then dive in the water with you to not only life guard, but to guide you to plenty of interesting fish, corral, shells, octopi, and a host of other interesting sea life. Our goal is to provide a tour of beautiful Molokini and visit 2-7 sites every day, but depending on conditions we may explore 2 sites for a longer period of time or stop at more if time and weather permit. We have the option of exploring 20 different sites. We encourage you to join us for multiple days—no two days are alike!


We are family friendly! And it’s our priority to provide the best experience on the water despite age or physical limitations. However, your safety comes first. Our minimum excursion age is 5 years old and is not intended for pregnant women. We advise that discretion should be used for those with back or neck injuries, or those who had a recent surgery due to the nature of the ride.


A towel and reef friendly sunscreenwe’ll take care of the rest! Maui Snorkel Charters recommends bringing an underwater camerayou won’t want to miss these shots! We also provide Reef friendly sunblock on board.




Defined as the #1 “must do” adventure on Maui, Molokini Crater provides world famous snorkeling and is home to more than 250 species of fish, painted in every color of the rainbow, some of which can be found nowhere else on Earth. Formed from ancient volcanic eruptions, it now serves as a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation Sanctuary, making Molokini a prime snorkeling destination. With crystal clear water and visibility that can exceed 150 feet, Molokini allows snorkelers to witness an abundance of sea life and coral. Molokini is one of only three sheltered “Tuff” cones accessible by water in the world; its unique crescent shape provides a natural barrier against waves and currents, providing excellent conditions for beginner, intermediate and advanced snorkelers.

Beginning at Eninuni, on the E. side of the crater, we drop in for about 30 minutes which allows time to sort out our gear, get acclimated to the water, and to explore one of the best overall sights in Molokini. Next, we shoot for a second stop in one of three locations. Reefs end, Back Wall or Taco Flats. Current, waves, and weather play a big part in the Captains decision on the next location, but wherever we end up, it’s all good, as they are all top notch snorkel sites!le pictures and stories of breaches, peck and tail slaps and much more!

During whale season we do not run separate “whale watch tours”. We incorporate whale and dolphin watching into our standard tour whenever we have a chance!


After snorkeling Molokini we head to the S. Maui coastline for some sight seeing and to get to our next snorkel spotand yes, to try and track down some turtles! Along the South Maui Coast lies an underwater garden made up of a series of underwater lava formations covered in corral where green sea turtles are in abundance. The coral reefs are also home to a wide variety of vibrant tropical fish, rays and octopus. As we cruise back to Maui, looking to the South, we can see Big Beach (Makena Beach), Little Beach and Pu’u Olai or “Red Hill” which is the local black sand beach. Heading north up the coast, possibilities for snorkeling and turtle spots include Makena Landing, Turtle Town, St. Anthony’s Wreck and a Turtle Cleaning Station at the harbor. Wherever we end up its sure to be epic and no two days are the same. When we’re done snorkeling for the day we’ll sit back, relax, tell some “big fish” stories and have a deli style lunch.


A note on turtles. Beautiful and graceful by nature, these animals will gently approach a slowly moving snorkeler, providing outstanding underwater photo opportunities. The sea turtles are a protected species; touching, chasing, riding or harassing them is strictly prohibited. Calmly observing the turtles and allowing  them to swim close, will make your Maui turtle experience truly unforgettable.


The beauty of Maui Snorkel Charters Molokini Snorkel Excursion, is that the journey to Molokini from Kihei passes right through the natural habitat of dolphins and whales! Dolphins are naturally playful and enjoy swimming and jumping along the wakes of the No Ka Oi, and our captains are excellent at making the best of these special encounters with these beautiful, smart and fun water mammals.

Hawaiian waters are special, they provide the perfect conditions for migrating humpback whales looking for a warm place to calve, mate, and rear their young. From December to May the Maui coast becomes the “cradle of the humpback”. It is during these months that Maui Snorkel Charters often gets to see the beauty of these majestic creatures first hand.

Humpback whales are presently listed on the endangered species list; though they have been protected from whaling in U.S. waters sense 1966. Humpback whale’s lifespan range from 45–100 years old and have been known to reach 62 feet long, and weigh up to 40 tons. Calves are born weighing approximately 1,000 pounds, gaining around 200 pounds a day for the first few weeks of life. The long black and white tail fin, which can be up to a third of their body length, and the pectoral fins have unique patterns which make individual whales identifiable. These glorious creatures make perfect moments to capture remarkable pictures and stories of breaches, peck and tail slaps and much more!

During whale season we do not run separate “whale watch tours”. We incorporate whale and dolphin watching into our standard tour whenever we have a chance!