Molokini Crater
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En’e nu’e
Tako Flats
Reef’s End
Flying Sea Cliffs
The Notch
Dark Side of the Moon

Defined as the #1 “must do” adventure on Maui, Molokini Crater provides world famous snorkeling and is home to more than 250 species of fish, painted in every color of the rainbow, some of which can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Formed from ancient volcanic eruptions, it now serves as a State Marine Life and Bird Conservation Sanctuary, making Molokini a prime snorkeling destination. With crystal clear water and visibility that can exceed 150 feet, Molokini allows snorkelers to witness an abundance of sea life and coral.

Molokini is one of only three sheltered “Tuff” cones accessible by water in the world; its unique crescent shape provides a natural barrier against waves and currents, providing excellent conditions for beginner, intermediate and advanced snorkelers.

The Seafari™ Difference

We get to show you so many more snorkel spots than you’ll see on other tours because of our Seafari™ approach.

Just like an African Safari, we guide you through an area rich with beauty and wildlife during one snorkel ‘stop’. Our crew will be in the water with you, drifting from spot to spot, pointing out coral and other marine life along the way, as our boat floats along with you. Because you are not constantly swimming out to a snorkel spot and back to the boat, you get to see way more with less effort!

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An Adventure Like No Other

  • See more marine life
  • Spend more time in the water
  • Guided by an experienced crew
  • More crew members per guest (6:1 ratio)

First Stop – En’e Nu’e

Beginning at En’e Nu’e, on the east side of the crater, we drop in for about 45 minutes which allows time to sort out our gear, get acclimated to the water, and to explore one of the best overall sights in Molokini. The current delivers nutrients to this sharply sloping underwater terrain, making it one of the most colorful reefs in the area.

Back Wall Seafari™

Next, we shoot for a second stop along the Back Wall, where we spend 15-30 minutes drifting across the back wall of Molokini to the see multiple spots in one swim, which may include Flying Sea Cliffs, The Notch and Dark Side of the Moon.

Flying Sea Cliffs

On the sunny side of Molokini – also known as the ‘back wall’ – is an area called Flying Sea Cliffs, where, when conditions permit, we will begin one of our signature ‘seafaris’. As you descend beneath the surface of the water, you’ll see a side of Molokini that most snorkelers don’t. Divers from around the world come to experience the distinctive sheer cliffs that slope 250 feet to the ocean floor with shelves full of coral, sponges and marine life hiding in protective nooks. This spot reveals the magnitude of Molokini and the important role it plays as a sanctuary for marine life.

Notch-The Elevator

The Notch is one of our favorite spots and if conditions only allow us to access one spot on the back wall, this is it. At this location you are looking at a sheer vertical cliff face both above and below the water, creating a unique experience that locals call “The Elevator.”  As the ocean swell hits a notch in the rocks, the return swell lifts you up (to as high as 15 feet!) and down for a slow and steady elevator ride. It’s totally safe and fun as the water pressure protects you from the wall.

Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is a small, protected cove on the west side of Molokini. This area offers some of the calmest snorkeling on the back wall with a unique shelf about 35 feet deep which drops off into the deep blue.

Alternate Spots

Current, waves, and weather play a big part in the Captain’s decision on locations, but wherever we end up, it’s all good. They are all top notch snorkel sites!

Reef’s End

Reef’s End is stationed at the outer tip of the crater. Here we drop in and take a seafari past Middle Reef, where we see hard corals and a variety of fish found only in Hawaii, and make our way into the saddle, a spot where only small boats can travel over the reef.

Tako Flats

Tako Flats is a sand channel with coral heads just inside the crater. The area is known for its abundance of tako (Japanese for octopus) and eels. This is one of the calmest spots in Molokini crater.

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Alternate Snorkel Spots

We always customize our tours to adjust for weather and ocean conditions to ensure we can deliver an incredible and memorable experience. Here are some of the spots we visit when conditions permit: La Perouse Bay, Makena Surf, St. Anthony’s Wreck, and Kihei Turtle Cleaning Station.