No Ka Oi boat moving fast from right to left

Explore The No Ka Oi

Our Boat, the No Ka Oi (“The Best”), is a 40′ adventure boat custom built by Captain Doug with safety, comfort and fun in mind.

We named her No Ka Oi because she truly is the best boat for an adventure snorkel on Maui. Over a span of 25 years, Captain Doug designed, constructed, and manufactured thousands of boat for the Police, United States Coast Guard, and military. Many of those boats are still in use in Hawaii. He poured all of that experience into artfully constructing the ideal boat for Molokini and South Maui snorkel tours.

Custom Details Mean Your Adventure Is Like No Other

  • 40 feet long – larger than many other boats this style
  • Room for 26 passengers, but we cap each tour at 18 guests to maximize comfort
  • Padded stairs instead of rough, metal ladders
  • Storage cubbies for each guest
  • Sun shade that covers all seats
  • Discreet bathroom
  • Fast and stable boat
  • Doors located at both stern (rear) and bow (front) for easy access

Side view of the boat from water level

Details That Matter

You won’t find another boat like this anywhere. Details such as three sets of padded stairs – rather than a ladder – for easy access in and out of the water, cubbies under the seats to securely store personal items, a sun shade and discreet bathroom make for a comfortable day at sea. While the No Ka Oi is Coast Guard approved for 26 passengers, we limit our trips to 18 to ensure we can personally attend to each guest.

Custom-Built For a Safe Adventure

The No Ka Oi is exceptionally safe with sturdy, yet soft, foam air hybrid collars, created from high tech materials designed to protect the material from from abrasion, UV damage and exposure to water, chemicals and fuel. Using the safest engine combination possible, it uses JPO joystick controls to allow the boat to quickly and effortlessly move to passengers in a moment’s notice. Prop guards on the engines protect both passengers and marine life, and she is equipped to ride at speeds in excess of 45 miles per hour, if necessary.

Guest jumping off of the boat into the water

Images of the No Ka Oi